About Us -  York County Free Clinic

About Us

York County Free Clinic Mission & Vision

York County Free Clinic provides basic health care to medically uninsured, eligible residents of York County. It’s our vision that York County citizens can access high-quality healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Operational Goals at York County Clinic

Provide quality, culturally competent healthcare in a manner that maintains the dignity and confidentiality of all we serve.

Decrease the risk of health complications secondary to acute and chronic disease by providing free primary care services and medications to those lacking access to affordable care.

Collaborate with area specialists and other community agencies to enhance services for comprehensive care.

Reduce overall healthcare costs and lessen the burden on the entire community by promoting health education and disease prevention.

Five Guiding Principles

Commitment to a coordinated, collaborative organization.

Commitment to a client-centered focus.

Commitment to incorporating best practices.

Commitment to accountability in financial operations.

Commitment to implementing a strategic process that continually evaluates and achieves outcomes.